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GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing Experts

As well as traditional roofing methods we also employ newer technologies such as GRP.

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester (also known as Glass-Fibre).
Our system is cold-applied on site and provides a seamless, flexible surface that
resists rain, hot sunshine and frost. The resulting surface gives a strong architectural
finish that looks neat and impressive.
Properly maintained it will last as long as the building stands.

GRP provides all-weather protection for any flat roof - from small domestic
situations to large industrial buildings.

Benefits of our GRP System

•    Cold applied no heat or flames involved
•    Can be formed around complex shapes
•    Very durable - resists heavy foot traffic
•     Non-slip walkways can be incorporated
•     Class-leading roofing solution - superior to traditional methods
•     Virtually Maintenance free for very long periods of time
•     Impact Resistant due to its ultra hard finish
•     Fire retardant
•     Highly economical solution

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